Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cellular Hell

Seems like Razrs are everywhere these days. More Drost effect work.... (see post below)

Adobe AIR

Mock up ads for Adobe's AIR technology.
Done in Photoshop.

Childrens Poem

This is a series of images used to illustrate a children's poem. I was always a slacker in grade school, with a long list of excuses so this seemed appropriate! (haha) Done with Illustrator.

Art Nouveau Apple Composition

I love the art nouveau style so I decided to do one of my weekly apple compositions using a style similar to that found on old art nouveau posters. Done with Illustrator.
The apple was created using a gradient mesh. This is a process new to me which I have learned to appreciate for it's capability in producing realistic appearances.

An Apple Darkly

My last class consisted of a weekly project of creating a unique "Apple" composition. This is one such composition, inspired by the artwork from "A Scanner Darkly". Done solely in Illustrator.

The Drost Effect

This is my first attempt at creating the Drost Effect from a photograph.
The original image was taken by Josh Sommers (his flickr site is here). He actually did his own version of this as well, located here. His photographic art is incredible, trippy, and inspiring. Well worth taking a long look at.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Logo Work

This is a logo I created for a fictional company called Global Export.
I used Photoshop and Illustrator for this one. Designs like this are fairly commonplace for corporate identity. Practicing these types of logos is helpful in preparation for real world jobs in the Graphic Design industry.

Book Cover

This is a book cover I designed for an informational text on the HPV virus and how it affects both men AND women. The cover text is taken from a government website. The author's name is fictional and is actually Portuguese for "Wake Up".
I did this for a History of Graphic Design class at the Art Institute.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gig Posters

One art form I have lately fallen in love with is the Poster. Posters have an amazing history dating from the 1800's. The have become an art in their own right and have had a wide range of uses from advertising to propaganda to pure art. This particular piece is a gig poster based on a couple of real bands punk bands that I participated in many years ago as well as a fictional band. The Lounge and the production company are also fabricated for the poster. It is purely art and obviously not functional, but it was allot of fun to make!

On The Road To Shambala

The word Shambala has many meanings, from the name of a song to a mystical kingdom in the Himalayas. In the case of this piece, Shambala is defined in Sanskrit as a place of peace, tranquility, and or happiness. This work is a layout for an article in an alternative culture magazine. It was done as an assignment in class and has no corresponding article in actuality. I have an interest in Buddhism myself and that is why I chose this particular subject. The drawing in the background is one of my own, which can be seen on my website as an incomplete project. It worked pretty good in this piece though ;)

A Roman Holiday

I'd love to go to Rome! Mostly for the wine and scenery, not so much for romance.
Here I have a set of ideas for business card, created for the company: Roman Holiday Tours.
These are mostly for the purpose of practicing technique in advertising and representation of a company. I did the work not for profit, but for fun.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Cat

My final project for painting class was of our Persian cat, Nicky. He wouldn't sit still of course, so I worked this from a photograph. My instructor later told me that if i had said I was going to paint an animal that she would have discouraged me.

Portrait Painting

This is my first time painting a portrait. I actually enjoyed doing this more than any of the previous painting projects. I was surprised at how easy this was. I feel like my past experience in portrait drawing has served me well here. As well I did a little research and found a wonderful artist's site. His name is Berkeley and his blog, A Berkeley Daily, has some very interesting videos showing him at work (in fast motion) on various paintings including portraits. These and a book called "Art Class" really helped me put the lectures together with actual practice.


Much has happened since my last postings. I started a painting class and finished it. At first I was apprehensive, thinking that there was no way I would do good in a painting class, as I am not at all used to this medium. It turns out that it was allot of fun and I quickly changed my mind as the class progressed. Painting, it turns out, is very time consuming. I chose to use acrylics for these works due to time restraints (mostly in terms of drying time).
These first images are all basically warm ups and studies in color and form. They include traditional still life setups of fruits, bottles, and other ordinary items.After these simple paintings came multiple still life objects...

Then came flowers. I found these to be a weak point for me.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Playing with text effects

These are a couple of things I came up with while playing around with text effects in Photoshop. The fire was a standard that we were shown in class. After seeing that I found an ice tutorial and took some shortcuts to make it simpler. The fireworks was inspired by a radioactive effect I found.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

After Nightfall...

One of my pet (pun intended) names for my wife is 'Katie Kat'. This one was inspired by that...

Dark Wood

I've been wondering what to work on next outside of school. Out of a number of projects I started, I was sidetracked by a photo of our front lawn. After some playing around with it I settles on this rendition. Influences from the likes of Stephen King, Creepshow, and H.R. Giger were running through my mind I suppose.
I have a thing for stuff that is creepy and haven't worked with it much lately. My next projects may or may not be along these lines...